The “Sedona of Asia” is Just Too Far Away

OK, so we have to admit it…Ubud sounds amazing.

As the “Sedona of Asia” and with spa and massage prices as low as they are, how can you go wrong?

But Sedona IS just a tad bit more accessible than Bali to lots of folks. And if you pay attention to the Sedona massage deals on our blog and site, your dollar can stretch a fairly long way (and nowhere near as far as the cost of airfare to Bali). My sore aching muscles are thankful that Sedona massage treatments are not on another continent. 🙂 An interesting perspective nonetheless…

Ubud, Bali: The Sedona of Asia | 4 Worn Passports

How much is a typical 60 minute massage in Sedona? Yikes! $160 is the STARTING price. I mean, some are more than $395 for an hour. If you want the same thing in Bali…how about $8? Yep, you heard me. Eight bucks.

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