Best to Book the Best Sedona Massage Therapists (Like This One) in Advance

A Sedona visitor’s recommendation for “one of the best massages” she’s ever had in her blog post on taking sanctuary in Sedona. Note that really good Sedona massage therapist like the one mentioned in her post often have to be booked weeks in advance. So, if you can, make your reservation before you come.

Sanctuary in Sedona | Leaves of Life Blog

Recharging in Sedona. Last year Francie and I started blogging about how to have a healthy vacation—eating clean, being active and recharging. We felt it was important to share this with clients since it seems like an American tradition to “live … Start With a Massage. My first day of vacation I usually arrange to have a 90 minute massage to send my brain and body the message to “let go”. It just so happens that this trip I had one of the best massages I’ve ever had with …

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