Sedona Massage Therapists

There are a lot of Sedona massage therapists. But you need someone special.

Here’s a great way to narrow down your selection of therapist and find exactly what you’re looking for.

First, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I prefer a male or female therapist?
  • Do I have a specific therapy type in mind (such as shiatsu, deep tissue, hot stone massage or couples massage)?
  • Do I prefer to go somewhere (local spa or therapist’s office or home) to get the massage or do I want someone to come to me (at my house or where I’m staying)?
  • What am I willing to pay for my session?
  • When would I like the session to take place?

Now take a look at our Sedona massage therapist listing below, paying special attention to the codes.

After each massage therapist’s name is:

  • The sex of the therapist (M) for male, (F) for female
  • Up to five of the top therapies they offer
  • Whether they do outcall massage, meaning they come to you (OUT) or you go to them (IN) and the area of Sedona or the Greater Verde Valley they’re located in
  • Their base rate for an hour massage without gratuity (STARTS AT…)
  • And a contact number to check their availability.

Narrow down your selection by matching the codes to the answers to your questions above and then check out the website and reviews of your remaining candidates.

If you’re a massage therapist practicing in or around Sedona, Arizona and you’d like your name included on the list, click here.

Sedona Massage Therapists Listing

[alpha list here]

You can also leave a review for any therapist you find on this site. That helps everyone make better choices about where to get a massage in Sedona.

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